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Industrial Product Life Cycle

Many industrial suppliers submit their customers to regular product cycles in which customers are required to continually change their displays and therefore their product designs. KOE Americas, Inc. has unique customer support practice in the industrial display market. We do our best to support a product indefinitely as along as a customer needs a significant supply of that product to support their on-going production. We specialize in supply chain management and procurement and creative solutions to save our customers from expensive periodic redesigns and re-certifications for new display sizes.

Industrial product promotion process:

Industrial Product Market Surveys

We are continuously coming our with new technologies and regularly, we provide tastes of these technologies in concept product form. We provide working samples (WS) of these products to prospective customers for several months to gauge market interest in a particular technology.

New Industrial Product Promotions

Once significant interest is garnered in a particular technology and product concept, we start development on that product and more importantly reliability design, test and development begins. Once all initial tests and 72 hours of environmental testing are complete, then we begin shipping engineering samples (ES) for interested customers' initial design stages. At this point, we make available a short but detailed technical spec for a customerís reference with interface details, mechanical data, and typical operational characteristics.

Commercial Industrial Product Promotions

After we have a hard tooled parts and all reliability tests including 240 hours of environmental testing and 500 hours of application tests are complete, we make commercial samples (CS) available for purchase and provide a complete customer acceptance specification (CAS) for our customersí use. We typically provide a commercial product for a 3 year promotional period. If no production occurs with this product, then it is withdrawn from promotion.

Mass Production Industrial Product Promotions  

If a customer utilizes a commercial product in mass production (MP), then this product is supported for active production indefinitely. We will continue to work with our customers to maintain a continuous supply for their mass production needs. Should our customers ever like to upgrade from aged to newer technologies, we will be glad to aid them with the transition and manage the supply chain for a smooth and painless transition.

Smart Phone 

Consumer Product life Cycle

Our consumer market is for very high volume products and is entirely a custom product service. Typically these products are mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and consumer navigational systems. We support these individual customers with their products according to their individual needs. We do not promote consumer grade panels to our industrial base. We have found that the needs and demands of these two product segments are not compatible.